Making the Most of a Three Car Garage

Ever see a three-car garage that doesn’t have enough room to store even one car because it’s so cluttered? Maybe this describes your garage. If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners struggle to keep clutter out of their garages, but to no avail. If you’re feeling frustrated with your garage’s current situation, follow some of these tips to get it spic and span – and clean enough to store your car in it.
Take Advantage of Pegboards and Racks
Keep items off the floor and take advantage of unused wall space with pegboards and racks. Pegboards are great for storing tools and gardening items, while racks and sturdy hooks can be used to hang ladders, bikes and sporting equipment, all which can use up valuable floor space in a garage. By clicking here we get info about  Garage Equipment
Use Bins and Shelving
Large, clear plastic bins work well for garages because they can store many small items and you can see through them. You can place them on shelving on have easy access to anything. Don’t forget to label them. Try to keep like-minded items together, such as gardening tools in one bin and power tools in another.
If you have a garage with a high ceiling, use it to your advantage. Shelving can help you keep your items organized without having tools and other items strewn all over the garage. You’ll have more floor space to park your car – and two others.
Combat Clutter
We tend to accumulate too much stuff. Do you absolutely need everything in the garage? If you haven’t used in it years, you probably won’t miss it if it’s thrown out. Go through it and toss out anything that broken or unwanted. For best results, clean out the entire garage, sweep up or clean the floor and then go through all the items, one by one. This will take some time, but it will be worth it in the end if it means being able to park your car in the garage instead of keeping it out overnight in the cold.
Store Hazardous Materials Properly
Keep car fluids, paint and other dangerous items off the ground and up high on shelving to keep children from accessing them. Keep them in leak-proof containers so they don’t spill and cause messes inside the garage. It’s also important to keep hazardous materials far away from other items in the garage, especially children’s toys and pet supplies.