Myths About Employee Engagement – Busted

There are various myths which surround the process of employee engagement. Not only are people confused about its precise meaning and value to the organisation, there are various others who tend to misconstrue the concept and its various facets. One such myth is that employee engagement is a function of the human resources department. On reading it, most people will find nothing surprising about the concept. Yes, it is a function of the human resources department, where the members of the department conduct various events and activities to keep the employees engaged, and thus motivated. However, the point that requires more clarification is whether an HR department, by itself, can engage the employees. Secondly, are simple events and activities enough to let the employees feel a profound sense of involvement with the organisation? The answer to this question might be ‘No’.
With the escalation in the size of the organisations today and the level of employee turnover that these organisations are facing, it is becoming imperative that more centres of engagement are established within the organisation. This will ensure that there are more people who could be talked to by the employees and there are more avenues through which engagement of the employees could be strengthened. One needs to establish such a blend of accountability bifurcation that the job of employee engagement is being effectively performed. Click here to enable the notifications for  culturecodex  details here
The human resources department shall initiate the process by developing the module of engaging the employees and the various tactics which have to be put to use. The HR department can also conduct intermittent research and studies to find out if the activities are being properly performed and if they are generating the right results. On the other hand, there could be developed such engagement teams which work towards establishing team goals and bringing in a higher element of individual interaction. Finally, the individuals are responsible for developing self leadership skills. For the development of such self leadership skills, it is essential that proper leadership training is imparted to the employees and they are made to understand and gauge those things which motivate them the most. Only when the employees are clear of what they want from their job, would they be able to get into the mode of self leadership. Moreover, the people leaders will also have a better idea about the requirements once the employees have clearly put forth their motivation desires.